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Alex Peroni - CCTAS

CC  Logo in the Fast Lane! – Alex Peroni to F3

The Carbine Club of Tasmania has had a four year association with Hobart teenage racing driver Alex Peroni who has announced that in 2019 he will race with leading Spanish Team, Campos Racing in the new FIA Formula 3 series featuring the top 30 young open wheeler drivers in the world.

 There are 8 rounds to the championship and all are raced in conjunction with Formula 1 events in Europe. The series will be televised world-wide and will attract a massive global viewing audience both at the track and on TV. The series will be followed by motorsport fans across the world because it showcases the next crop of Formula 1 drivers.

Alex is always generous with his time for the Carbine Club and we look forward to talking with him at the next CCTAS function on  8 Feb.

(Alex is registered with the Australian Sports Foundation so individuals can make tax deductible donations if they wish to add to the Club’s support).